E pur si muove!

"Color my life with the chaos of trouble".


i really love your hands, those musician fingers… oh my… i love the colour of your skin. i love your nose, it’s so unique… your eyes… they’re so deep… that curly crazy hair. The tone of your voice is the best music I’ve ever heard. That face with those red “scars”. The piercings fit you extremely well… And that mouth, the way it moves when you talk… Your feet are the road to those beautiful toes… ah…

You simply are extremely handsome.

But, what i love more about yourself, is, of course, your passion. The way you see the cinema and the way you feel the music… The best thing about this it is the fact you’re finding yourself in your own music and you are so, so good at it… and so perfectionist about it.

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… I love you (unfortunately, apparently)

and the best part of the day is when we leave and we say goodbye to each other, because that’s when you kiss my cheeks and i kiss yours. that moment is precious and it’s just for the two of us. but when it’s over… that’s when i start to feel really alone without you and very, very insecure about myself… extremely, extremely sad about everything… so, so disappointed… My life is just not worthy without you in there.

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